Family Owned Practice

35+ Years in Existence

Estate Planning & Trust Administration

Preparation of Estate Planning Documents , including:

-Revocable Living Trusts


-Powers of Attorney

-Advance Health Care Directives

-Community Property Agreements

-Certifications of Trust

-Trust Transfer Documents, such as:



-Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Corporate Law, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Partnership, and General Business Law Matters

Preparation of Documents and Legal Counseling with respect to:

-Formation, Operation and Dissolution of California Business Entities

-Business Succession Planning (emphasis on family-owned businesses)

-Purchase and Sales of California Businesses, including:

-Stock Purchase Agreements

-Asset Purchase Agreements

-Buy-Sell Agreements & Cross-Purchase Agreements

-General Business Law Matters

-Federal & California State Income Tax Planning 

(Individuals & Businesses)

California Real Property Tax Issues & Planning

-Identification of Potential Real Property Tax Issues

-Real Property Tax Planning for Individuals, Families & Businesses, including:

-Parent/Child Transfers

-Grandparent(s)/Granchild(ren) Transfers

-Legal Entity Transfers ( Change in Ownership of Legal Entities)

-Change in Ownership (Individuals & Co-Owners)

-Preparation of Real Property and Real Property Tax Documents, including:

-Deeds, Affidavits, Deeds of Trust, Reconveyance Deeds

-Preliminary Change of Ownership Reports

-Parent-Child Exclusion Claim Forms (Proposition 58)

-Grandparent/Grandchild Exclusion Claim Forms (Proposition 193)

-CA Board of Equalization Form BOE-100-B 

(Change in Ownership of Legal Entity)